How to make a real travel budget

You’ve decided to go on the trip that you have dreamed about. You are seeking information to make a real travel budget? Here are some tips that would be useful for your dream trip.

1. Transportation

First of all, you need to get to your destination. And the cost of transportation is a big part of your budget, so you need to look up all the options to get there. It can be by car, train, boat or plane. If you are going to travel from one continent to another, you probably look at airfare. Otherwise, you can look up other options which work the best for you. Always remember to check the fares early so you could buy cheaper tickets.

When you arrive at your destination, you will need transportation. Public transportation is one of the best options, as it’s inexpensive and it gives you a more local perspective. Search information for local transportation on the Internet and see how much the tickets cost. Also, check if there is any public transportation card that helps you save a bit. After that, add those costs to your list to make a real travel budget.

2. Accommodation

Accommodation is another big part of your budget. Depend on where you want to stay, the costs are different. Therefore, you need to decide what type of accommodation you like to stay, whether it’s hotels, hostels, guest houses, or rental apartments. Read reviews, and see how much they cost you and add them to the budget. Also, if you have any close friends or family members who could let you stay one or several nights, it will help you save a great amount.

3. Food

Unlike transportation and accommodation, food is harder to estimate how much you will spend. But it depends on where you’re going. If you’re travelling to Southeast Asian, eating out would be cheap in most cases. If you’re travelling to Europe, the US, Canada or Australia, it would be nearly the same among the countries. Thus, reading blogs or recommendations of people who have been there will help you have an idea to make a real travel budget

Keep in mind that it would be much cheaper if you don’t eat at expensive tourist areas. Also, if you don’t want to spend much on food, you should look at accommodations including breakfast. Consider rental apartments where you can access to a kitchen. Even if you can go to the supermarket, buy food and cook, it will help you tighten up against your budget.

4. Activities

You should make a list of main activities you want to do on your vacation. Are you going to take tours during the trips?  Are there entrance fees for museum, parks, attractions you want to visit? You should add up these costs to your budget. Besides, if you are a student there might be some discount for the entrance fees.

5. Enjoy yourself

It’s good to make a real travel budget, but you’re going on vacation.  You shouldn’t tighten up your budget too much, relax and enjoy your trip.

Above are some tips to help you make a real travel budget. Hope you have a great time for your dream trip.

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