How to have a healthy life as a student

Being a student isn’t all about the partying! We have gathered some tips on how to have a healthy life as a student and on a budget!

Exercise apps

Google play or the apple store all have lots of different apps to help you work out. These include:

Nike+ Training Club – Described as ‘your personal trainer’, this app lets you choose from over 100 workouts, complete them with step-by-step guides and stay motivated.

iMapMyRun – This health app lets you track your progress using the built-in GPS of your phone. It tracks your route, pace, how long you ran, how many calories you burned, and more.

7 Minute Workout – Ideal for busy students, this does what it says on the tin – outlines seven minutes worth of easy-to-understand exercises with video and text descriptions.

Youtube videos

There are countless videos online on Youtube showing different workouts! You can even do them from the comfort of your own bedroom.

There are so many ways on How to have a healthy life as a student make sure to keep reading!

Healthy Eating Apps

FoodPlanner – If you like planning meals in advance then this app is for you. It lets you import healthy recipes from blogs and websites to build your own customized meal plans. You can also use your own recipes and create shopping lists – ideal for when you do your weekly food shop (and also saves you money!)

Fooducate – If you’re watching your weight and want to avoid added ingredients that aren’t so good for you, this app can help. It lets you track your food intake and exercise, share tips and ask questions in a community, scan thousands of product barcodes to see nutrition grades, and more.

Get out and exercise!

Get out and walk or cycle instead of taking the bus (you will get your steps in and save money). Nearly every town/city has a park go for a run there! Take a walk in the evening to wind down from work or college.

Have a look at what student discounts your local gym is offering, shop around and look at different options!

There are so many cheap and alternative ways to exercise as a student so you have no excuse!

We hope you like our tips on How to have a healthy life as a student.


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