How to have a Dynamic Life in Valencia

Valencia, a beautiful Mediterranean city located in Spain. When you are looking for a new exciting place abroad, it has to be your dream home. … having a Dynamic Life in Valencia is also much easier as it’s a geographically small city. 


Valenbisi – Move

Valenbisi is a public bicycle rental service with several stations throughout the city. You will find weekly tickets (around €5) or even annual tickets (around €30 with subscription). Cycling in Valencia, besides being fun and healthy, is also very common among city dwellers and tourists. Why don’t you enjoy having a dynamic life in Valencia while not polluting the environment?

The first 30 minutes are free!

Dynamic Life in Valencia


Find a Gym and Go

Valencia provides a very hectic, yet healthy life (it’s up to you). The city has a wide range of Gyms and Spas, either for working out or sports. The best of all, the pricing options are very good! You can find offers for 1, 2 or even 3 months of gym  €15. Stay tuned for promotions on the gym’s own website, or on group discount platforms like Groupon. Going to work out is good for your body & mind!

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Trip Go-and-Back

There is nothing better to enrich your experience abroad than to know a new city. Take a round trip to a city near Valencia. Try a traditional dish, a local sweet, or even take your own picnic outside.

A suggestion visit Xàtiva! This beautiful city is located south of the province of Valencia and was one of the most important cities in the Kingdom of Valencia, therefore rich in history. There you cannot miss visiting the Xàtiva Castle, its walls and gardens. To get to the city is very simple, just take a tourist train from Valencia. Enjoy the trip!

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Go out for Dinner

It is impossible to go to Spain and not eat the famous Tapas. For those who do not know the Tapas are appetizing small portions of Spanish food specialties. To enjoy this culinary miracle, you only need two things: a good glass of wine, and of course, the company of good friends.

A tapas menu is quite varied and there are different combinations you can choose between, hot or cold, you decide! A special tip: Try the tapa which is considered the tapas’s king, the “Bravas”! The Bravas are very tasty typical potatoes, with spicy sauce and alioli.

If you want to try the best tapas and bravas, we recommend the “Central Bar” or “Caballeros 21”. Eat at ease! As we have seen Valencia offers great gyms to burn off these worthwhile calories, right?

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End the Night at the Disco

Well, lastly, how about a good disco? Girls get ready, boys too! The night in Valencia is very ballad. The Spanish night is known worldwide for its excitement. So for having a dynamic life in Valencia, let’s go to the party!

One of the best neighbourhoods to go at night is Ruzafa. There is no shortage of bars and nightclubs to go. Order your favourite drink and have fun with music and laugh with your new friends!

Night club tip:

Dynamic Life in Valencia


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