How to become a budgeting king or queen

Living abroad is a great adventure. To make sure you enjoy every aspect of your experience abroad, the first thing you should manage well is your budget. Here are top tips to become a budgeting king or queen.

1. Become budgeting a king or queen

Create a budget for the essentials you use now, which you will also need abroad: food, travel, entertainment etc. Besides, you should need an amount for emergencies.

When you’re planning your budget, don’t be vague. Ask yourself specific questions such as how much you spend on food or will you change your habits when you go abroad. Think about your current spending habits because it will help you prepare a more realistic budget. Also, you should think about your priorities when you arrive in a host country.

2. Stick to your budget plan while you’re aboard

Once you get there, don’t fall into the trap of overspending on tourist stuff and trips too early. Write down everything you buy, every day, even if it’s just a cup of coffee. Compare your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses to your budget plan to see whether you’re going over or running under. Therefore, you will have the appropriate adjustment to become a budgeting king or queen.

3. Think before you spend

Did you see an amazing new pair of shoes or a beautiful dress at a store? Before making any purchase, ask yourself if you really need it. Doing shopping is fun but remember you will have to pay a cost to bring all your new stuff home. Furthermore, you have less money for daily living.

4. Learn to cook

Buying fast food and lunch every day can be costly and unhealthy.  So it’s better to search for affordable supermarkets or low price markets.  Many dishes out there could cost you a lot even though you can make it in couples of minutes. Thus, make your own sandwiches, refill your water or juice bottle, and make your own tea/ coffee to bring with you.  Such those tips will help you become a budgeting king or queen that is a great life skill.

5. Search for discounts

Possibly, the easiest way to save money as a student is to take advantage of discounts. Discounts are around you, from clothes, groceries, haircuts to cinemas, transport and restaurants. Even 10% off will add up over time, so go for the special offers. As a result, you spend money more wisely.

It’s not hard to become a budgeting king or queen. All you need is to make an expenditure plan and to think wisely before making any purchase. Hope you enjoy your life with an appropriate budget.

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