How to overcome homesickness

You arrived in a new country, in a new city a couple of weeks ago? And now, it’s creeping over. Homesickness, Heimweh, añoranza, tęsknota za domem. But what can you do? Hundreds of miles away from home. That’s why, we put together some strategies which worked many times in our lifes. 


Develop or continue your hobbies

It’s natural neglecting your hobbies while you are abroad. Now start them again. If you went running, run again. You were cycling every day? Get a bike (there are shared bike options in almost every major city) and if you were more into martial arts, go and sign up. And don’t you worry about the language barrier. People who are having the same hobby, don’t need many words to communicate.


Forget social media

It sounds odd, but it actually helps. Don’t look several times an hour what your friends and family back home are up to. You are not with them. Therefore, the homesickness will just get worse.  When you find new people and friends in the city in which you are right now, you are allowed to use it again. 😉

Don’t get bored

You have time to think about many sad and bad things, when you’re bored. And then, it hits you. Homesickness. So, you mustn’t get bored. Get up and clean your room, discover the city, just get lost in it, go and speak with your roommates or people from the hostel, go shopping or just cook something in advance for the next two days. Keep yourself busy.


Invite friends and family

I’m sure, you didn’t choose a city or area, which is not interesting or hideous. And your friends and family will probably not have visited it yet, hence invite them. Let your home come to you. Spend an amazing weekend or even week with them and cherish every moment. This nice feeling of home will last for some time.

Meet new people

Just go and sit in the communal areas of your accommadation and just start by saying “How are you?”. As trivial as it sounds, it is still the best start of a conversation. And don’t you worry that they won’t talk with you, Most of them are in the same situation as you and just thankful you started the conversation. That’s why, do the first step, go out of your comfort zone and meet new friends for life. 


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