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Guide to getting to New York City

You’ve spent the year deciding on where you want to go for the summer and after a lot of deliberation, you have decided to spend your summer in the fabulous New York City, The Big Apple! Congratulations on taking the first step in your next adventure! In this blog, we will give you your Guide to getting to New York City …

Getting there

If you are booking your flights yourself and not through a third party, then you should shop around for the cheapest flights. Normally a flight with a stop over is cheaper but it may take a few hours longer!

Job Applications

You cannot just arrive over to the states and expect it to go easy, due to new immigration laws you must secure a sponsor before you go over there! If you are one of the lucky few to have an American passport you can go over and find a job when you arrive. Send on your resume (CV) to every possible place hiring to make your chances greater to be hired!

Keep reading for your Guide to getting to New York City

Job interview

Whether you got your job through a company or yourself you will have to do an interview, some of these may be on Skype. Don’t worry and relax! The interviewer is looking for reasons to hire you, so use your charm and don’t be modest!

Embassy Interview

When you secure your job, you will have to attend an interview in the US Embassy. This is to secure your citizenship; this is your time to talk about how you are going to spend your time in the US and your intention to come back after your J1 is over.

Helpful tips

Do not bring your passport out with you and always have a copy of it incase you misplace it!

Do not use your card over there always buy a travelling card.

Turn off your data and buy a cheap sim card over there!

Upon entering the U.S., you must be able to prove finance, so you have to have $800 in your bank or else in cash.

Know the local laws!


Now, you are off to have the summer of your life! Go out and explore! Try new things you would never have dreamed of before.

We hope you like our blog on your Guide to getting to New York City.

Stay tuned for a blog about securing accommodation, how to keep a realistic budget in the most expensive city in the world and life in The Big Apple!


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