Game of Thrones in Seville

You’ll probably hear about Seville, the wonderland, famous for its flamenco, tapas bars and orange trees. You can’t say you’ve experienced Spanish traditional culture until you’ve lived in this amazing city. Its thriving style of life and delighted food will conquer you in the blink of an eye, I give you my word. This city offers you an endless number of leisure possibilities. But If you move to Seville, there’re a few things you should put on the top of your must-do list. So here we go! Game of Thrones in Seville!

#1 Visit Seville Cathedral and La Giralda

It’s the third biggest cathedral in the world and UNESCO World Heritage since 1987, so it’s a must-do you’ll enjoy for sure. Moreover, it’s next to la Giralda, one of the last Muslim minaret. There you can climb the tower throw its 35 ramps to the very very top (try not to die) and take a sweeping view of the city. 


#2 The Royal Alcazar, Water Gardens of Dorne in Game of Thrones

Here you can find another UNESCO World Heritage! This magic palace took on the role of the Water Gardens, private residence of the House Martell. The series creators have mentioned on several occasions how perfect the Alcazar is for this setting.

#3 A Place to Eat Tapas and Listen Flamenco, Triana

If you want to experience the roots of Seville and enjoy some traditional flavors and music, Triana is the place you’re looking for. There’s lots of things you can do there, from chilling next to Guadalquivir river down to getting lost in its streets. Game of Thrones in Seville!


#4 Taste a serranito and have churros for breakfast

The best way to start the journey with energy is having a good breakfast, that is to say churros with chocolate. Another option is serranito, a sandwich with serrano ham, fry pepper and loin. Finger-lickin’ good!

churros seville

#5 María Luisa Park

If you’re in search of green space, María Luisa Park won’t disappoint you. Take your time to walk around and explore this beautiful gem. You can ride a bicycle or be pulled by horse-drawn carriage through the gardens as well.


 #6 Seville accent

People from Seville speak fast and furious, they don’t even breathe when they talk – just pulling the piss 😂. But yep, they speak pretty fast and they usually forget to pronounce the beginning and ending of words. The good thing is that if you understand people from Seville, you’ll understand everybody.

what seville

To have a full taste of Seville’s lifestyle you must go to la Feria de Abril. Plenty of food, wine, music… What else can you ask for?

Game of Thrones in Seville!

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