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From one Erasmus to another

Dear Erasmus:
Like you, I have also taken the difficult (for some) decision to leave home and explore the world, to travel, to learn and to grow as a person. In short, I have decided to do an Erasmus +.


The first thing to choose (after saying, go, I’ll do it) is the destination. Destinations there are as many, or more, as countries. You can go to a big city, to a small town, to a place where you do not speak your language or on the other side of the pond. The site, in fact, does not matter, as long as you’re willing. You will make it your home for a while and, who knows, maybe they will offer you a job, decide to study something there or find love … You never know what a new place has to offer.

My advice: go alone. If you are a shy person and you go with friends, you will always go with them and you will not be able to grow, discover places by yourself and make new friends.

Then you have to look for accommodation. This is one of the most complicated parts. By not knowing the city, you may not know which are the best areas or the cheapest residences. Consult in internet forums, sure to guide you on all these issues.

My advice: a very good option to immerse yourself in the culture of the country and improve your language is to stay in a host family. They tend to be very kind and accustomed to welcoming students and will not hesitate to help you when you need it.

You only have one thing left. Go and enjoy your experience to the fullest! Travel, explore, discover, learn and, above all, grow. Because although it sounds cliché, an Erasmus changes you and makes you a more open, more tolerant, more adventurous person.


My last advice: if you do not really know what to do, where to go or how to find accommodation, Partnership International can help you with everything without you having to worry about anything.
Good luck in this new stage of your life!
If you are interested in living a great experience abroad, contact us today by clicking here.

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