Frankfurt am Main: a remarkable city

Frankfurt am Main is one of the biggest cities in Germany. However, most people do not really use the opportunity to visit the city and its attractions. It is indeed a historical city and it is worthwhile to visit the city.


Frankfurt am Main skyline

Frankfurt has many attractions, so even if you spent two or three weeks there, you won’t see all of them. The city offers its visitors to see impressive buildings, beautiful and old castles, a beautiful inner city and beautiful vineyards.

I will show you the top five attractions in Frankfurt that you must visit!


Palmengarten Frankfurt am Main

The Plamengarten is an area in Frankfurt with many halls. In the halls you can see many threes from all different kinds of the world. You will see that each hall represent a different climate zone of the world. These include the sub polar zone, the temperate zone, the sub tropical zone and the tropical zone. However this park offers also the opportunity to enjoy your free time. You can rent a canoe and paddle with it on the big lake. The entrance prices are also not expensive, therefore it is a very cheap way to enjoy your day.

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Burg-Eltz-Castle outside Frankfurt city

Eltz Castle Frankfurt

This castle seems to be one of the Disney fairy tails. It is a big castle in the middle of the woods. Transport can be provided so it should be no problem to go there. The castle offers a guided tour through whole castle. While walking through the castle you will see the room of the King and of the Queen, the weapons room, the jail of the castle. In the end of the whole tour you can be looking forward to a stunning view from the castle over the wood and the river.

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Roemer place

Frankfurt am Main Roman place in the city center

The Romans place in Frankfurt is especially beautiful in the summer. You can enjoy the atmosphere of this beautiful place and the market. At the market you can see beautiful and impressive buildings. Visit the old town hall and the other attractions.

If you are interested in old cultures or old buildings then you are definitively at the right.

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Staedel Museum 

Frankfurt am Main Staedel Museum

Staedel museum is an impressive museum and it is a must if you visit Frankfurt. Every minute that you spent in this museum it is worthwhile. You will see many impressive pictures and sculptures from famous artists. If you want you can see all the pictures on your own or you can join a group a follow a guide who is provided by the museum. 

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Dom of the Saint Bartholomaeus 

The cathedral is located in the city center. From 2000 to 2009 the cathedral has been renovated several times. Again, this is a historical place in Frankfurt and has a lot of significance for the city and its residence. The cathedral is very impressive with its pictures and sculptures.

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