Forecast: No rain tomorrow

Forecast: No rain tomorrow ! Well, well, this amazing time has come to an end! 😥  We know that you are going to miss us sooooo much, but we have to go back home, where there is one round and a yellow thing called the sun. However, we couldn’t say goodbye without giving you some tips to cope with the Irish weather. 

When we arrive home since we are going to be white as milk and shine like the Cullens (we haven’t seen the sun so much this summer)… we will have to go to the beach to get our skin tanned. Otherwise, our classmates will think that we are Erasmus students from Ireland!


To prevent you from getting as white as we are, we have decided to give you some witch tips to stop the rain and get as suntanned as if you were in Spain.

  1. Do not sing in the shower (really, DO NOT SING).
  2. Take two onions and put them in the highest window of your house. Put some eggs on a corner in the garden, or make a cross with salt in front of your door when it’s raining cats and dogs (one of them will suffice).
  3. Take a poster of a sunny landscape and put it on the window. Do not leave your room.
  4. Cast the following spell (it will be more effective if you cast it by dancing around an open umbrella):

 “Gods of power, Gods of might,
I bid you now, stop this plight,
Stop the rain, we need no more,
Let it fall, nevermore.”


So, we think that you are now prepared to come to Ireland with Partnership International and do it well! We have to return to Spain… those of you who have read the post about the leprechauns will be wondering why are we leaving Ireland if we are rich…Well, my dearies, do you remember what we told you about looking at them in the eye? We didn’t do that, dose! Time to go back!

We don’t have much more to say. Just thank Partnership International for letting us live this experience. We have had a whale of a time! We have translated and learned so many things. We even discovered how good we are at making videos! We have enjoyed a lot working on something else apart from translation, and we believe that it wasn’t that bad…we’ll be delighted to do it again!

That’s all folks! It’s been a pleasure!  😀

Remember: Forecast: No rain tomorrow!

María and Miriam 

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