Five spots we love in London

Dynamic, colourful, full of life, the capital city of Great Britain never fails to surprise you! Here is in our opinion the 5 best places you should visit to make the best of it!

 1. Covent Garden


In the district of Covent Garden, you will find a popular place of the same name which was a former fruit-and-vegetable market until 1980. If you go there today, you will discover coffee shops, places to eat, some nice shops and a craft market called the Apple Market.

Around Covent Garden, there are a lot of nice shops but also some street performers that you should give a look at!

Find out more about Covent Garden and its neighbourhood!

2. Hyde Park


There are a few parks in London, which will make you totally forget that you are in a capital city!

The largest one is Hyde Park, with more than two kilometers length by one kilometer width. If it’s good weather, you can have a nice walk in the park and around The Serpentine, an artificial lake. You will also find some places to drink or eat, and two art galleries. If you are lucky, you can also see some squirrels!

 3. Oxford Street


If you are up to do some shopping, we can only advise you to take a look at Oxford Street.

With almost two and a half kilometers length and around 300 shops, it is the place to go if you would like to bring back some fashion items from London!

Right next to Hyde Park, Oxford Street is Europe’s busiest shopping street.

 4. Big Ben and the area


Among the most famous places in London are the Palace of Westminster and the London Eye. You surely have already seen them in pictures! Also, you certainly know that huge popular bell on the Palace of Westminster which is called Big Ben.

All situated in the same area, those are emblematic buildings that you need to give a look at.

First of all, the Palace of Westminster, or the Houses of Parliament, is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Behind the Palace, have a look at the sumptuous Abbey of Westminster!

And as you walk to the River Thames, you will see the London Eye, a big wheel that was launched in 2000 to celebrate the 20th Century and that will offer you an amazing view of London!

 5. The British Museum


As it can be very rainy in London, maybe you should consider taking refuge in a museum. The capital of Great Britain is made up of a big amount of museums! One of the most famous one is the British Museum, dedicated to art, culture and human history.

It’s open everyday from 10am to 5.30pm and the entrance is free!

Find out more about the British Museum!

And you, what are your favourite places in London? If you would like to explore more of this wonderful city, check out our internships in London!


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