My First Impression of Valencia

Here I am, sitting on this desk writing about the experience I am living here in Spain in Valencia.
I’ve been here for a few days, even though I feel I’ve known this city for a long time.
Since I arrived, Valencia has had many things in common with Italy: architecture, climate, food and warm and sunny people.
As soon as I arrived, I felt at home. The first stop was my college, where I am studying Spanish, to improve my language level. Immediately after that, I looked at my apartment, which was very comfortable and central. After having arranged my clothes and met my Spanish roommate, the desire to go out and discover the centre of Valencia, prevailed!

The first thing that impressed me most during my first day here was the sun. The days here are very long and very hot, the sun sets after eight in the evening and it’s fantastic, it seems to be already in Summer!

Wandering around the city, I crossed an Italian pizzeria and as a good Italian, I dined with a nice pizza daisy.
My second day was intense. First I went to college with Spanish classes, then my first afternoon with Partnership International in Valencia! It was really great to find the company I worked for during my Erasmus in Ireland, here in Spain. I had the pleasure to meet the two girls who are now with me at the Partnership headquarters and collaborate with them during my stay here in Spain, it is really a pleasure.

Yesterday my first Spanish party! Ironically, the party was held in an Irish pub called “St Patrick’s Irish Pub”. It seemed to me that I had returned to the days of my Erasmus in Ireland! I recommend to anyone who is willing to come here to Valencia, to spend a few hours there, is a beautiful pub, with good live music.

What about my first impression of Valencia, which was, to say the least, grandiose!
The days are getting warmer and more intense, the city is full of shops, bars, places where you can taste some good typical food and cafes where you can have a snack. Everything is at your fingertips here. I look forward to tasting the typical dishes, such as the most famous in the world: the Paella!
Well, now I’m leaving you, I have a lot to do and discover in this beautiful city, which I strongly recommend to see at least once in a lifetime.


To the next,

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