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In march i finished the university end after one week i decided to leave to improve my english, with the help of my parents i arrived to decide that the Ireland was the best solution, small city, cordial people and wonderful landscapes.




From milan to cork there aren’t the direct fly, so after 5 hours i arrived in cork airport, it was very long.




I have lived to Cork for almost 3 months and apart the classical Irish’s weather (always windy and with high probabilities of rain) the city it is not badly.


I have begun this adventure with 6 weeks of college to strengthen and to improve my English. My level of english was low, but after 2 weeks i started to speak fluently with the correct verbal temps, the other 4 weeks i used for my personal dictionary because it was a little bit poor.


I have gone to make a stage to try me in a less comforting environment where there weren’t teachers that followed you but “colleagues” that they gave you jobs to do (helping if you had yourself need) wanting to see then some results, everything obviously in English.
This internship has given me a big push for an internal maturation, to make me begin to understand what the world of the job wanted from a boy of my age and for my English that thanks to a continuous to be to contact with the language has allowed me to learn it to such a level to be able to communicate without too difficulties.


In my free time I have found more always things to do to the open one, obviously as soon as a boy to it arrives in a different city from his, he feels lost to and without so many pushes to be out because he didn’t know what he could do, but thanks to the cordial character and open of the people of the place and graces to the new friends that you will find along your run you will discover places where make sport as the gym or to play soccer , places where eventually to relax with a book or whether to spend some time with the people that you know.



Cork is the second biggest city of Ireland and all is quietly however afoot without problems, you are surrounded from hills in fact for the one who wants to see of the beautiful ones seen by the tall one they exist some parks that allow you him where you can lie down and to admire the whole green that surrounds this typical Irish city.


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