What to expect when you arrive in Ireland

You’re about to start a new adventure in Ireland. Everything’s ready. You can even taste the experience. Suddenly the doubts appear. Did you put everything you need in your luggage? What will the people and food be like? And then, before your mind blows, you surf Google and find this page. Well done! First of all, breath and remember: There is nothing to worry about! In this post you will find 5 practical advice that will help you to avoid some rookie mistakes.

Bring an umbrella and a raincoat with you

This is a very important advice. So, please, take a moment to check your luggage and make sure you are taking these two valuable objects with you. In Ireland its rains and rains a lot. Furthermore, you’ll never know when or from what side it would appear, so you better be ready!



Do all of your shopping before 6 o’clock

For me, this was the biggest culture shock. So if you are like me and you leave all your shopping for the last moment, prepare yourself for this change.

Most of the shops close at 6pm and that’s it.


Everything okay? How are you?

Oh, I’m doing great! And you? That’s what I used to answer when an employee ask me these questions, but I’ve never had an answer back. In the end, I realize they say these sentences in an automatic way. They don’t really expect an answer.  


Be open to meet new people and try new things

I bet one of your biggest fears when you are travelling abroad is end up alone. Clear your mind from these negative thoughts! You’re going to meet a lot of new and interesting people, who are in the same situation as you.

So, relaaaaax, just enjoy, make lots of friends and experience new things.


Watch your left side

This advice is easier to said than then done. But it’s also very important if you want to come back home safe and sound (I just love that song <3). Watch your left side! It’s really difficult to get used to this change, so my personal advice to you is always, check your right, then to the left, then to the right, again to the left and so on, until you’re completely sure no car is coming.

side-to side

And now you’re ready to come to Ireland! So please, listen to the advice of this old woman… Well, bye! 🙂

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