Dublin Career for Competition Winner

Hi everyone!! Morgana here 🙂 I hope you’re all doing well.
Just a quick introduction about me: I’m 20 years old, from Italy, but now living and working in Dublin’s fair city 😉
I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about my experience with Partnership International, so here we go…

At the beginning of last year I applied for an Erasmus+ project in Italy, choosing Dublin as my destination so that I could improve my English and gain experience for my CV. As soon as I got to Ireland me and other participants were met by Partnership International, who were in charge of taking care of us during our time in Dublin, for example they picked up us from the airport, where someone was waiting for us, they found us a place to live, an English school for our first week in Ireland and most important: they helped us find a place where we could do our internship according to our needs and backgrounds.

I can say I had a good experience with them, because even if their main offices are based in Cork I could always rely on them with emails or calls and with major issues. They were with us for our first week in Ireland and because some in the group who had to go to interviews, someone from the Partnership International was in Dublin to help us.
In addition to that they also have a newsletter with all the latest news, offer and from time to time you also have the chance to win some prizes!! And I was lucky enough to win one of them! Here’s a little flashback for you guys: I was still doing my internship here in Ireland when I received an email from Partnership International asking to fill in a survey about my experience with them and in exchange for that I could have won a €100 voucher from Ryanair. Actually I never thought I could be the lucky one but later that year in November in my email box guess what I found?? An email from Partnership International telling me I WON!!!!
I couldn’t believe it and to be honest with you guys I thought it was some spam or a prank from some friends, but I was completely WRONG! And here’s another funny thing: as I was struggling finding a job in Italy, I decided to look for something else abroad, to experience something different, and challenge myself. The company I did my internship with here in Ireland, the one Partnership International found me, were hiring new people… and after few days and some emails later they offered me a JOB!! I couldn’t believe it!

Once again I was shocked and I can say I was in the right place at the right time! And as I was flying from Italy with Ryanair I decided to use part of the voucher I won to pay the cost of my ticket, and I’m now thinking using the rest of it to do a short getaway trip with friends. I seriously can’t wait!

So at the end I’m really happy I can say Partnership International helped me a lot, even when my programme was finished, and I really hope you will enjoy your time with them as well!!!

If you’d like a similar life changing experience, working and studying in Ireland, then don’t hesitate to check out Partnership International’s internships programmes and start your Irish career adventure today!


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