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Dream jobs for those who love to travel

The idea of a 9-5 job does not appeal to you? Don’t spend your life wishing you had the chance to travel. Get some inspiration from our blog and read our blog about dream jobs for those who love to travel.

Dream jobs for those who love to travel

Flight attendant:

Traveling on an aircraft from country to country serving customers on short/long haul flights will result in nice income and benefits. You can earn free or discounted flights for you and your family members. You can see beautiful places around the world on your job. There aren’t many requirements for this job, just don’t have a fear of flying!!

Cruise ship worker:

One of the best jobs for travel! You get paid to travel and interact with people of many cultural backgrounds. Cruise ships offer so many jobs in all the departments, you may have to work long hours which leads to long and tiring days and be away from home for weeks/months, but it would be worth it when you see all the beautiful cities!!

Travel agent:

Travel agents are experts in the industry and are the best at helping clients who need to go on holidays but don’t know where to begin with booking them. You must be a good communicator and have great attention to detail (You are booking time away for a customer you cannot get the dates or locations wrong!). In this line of work, the experience will come before qualifications as you must have experience traveling and have been to countries you are selling. A good travel agent will have or will plan to travel around the world!

International aid worker:

Do you want to make a difference when you travel?

Travel to different countries experiencing famine, war, and extreme poverty and make a difference. The experience will stand out on your CV!

Are you liking our dream jobs for those who love to travel? Keep reading to discover more…

Au Pair:

Live with host families in different countries in exchange for childcare and housework. Along with getting free housing, food and bills included you may get an extra bit of money to help you get by day to day. You become part of the family and sometimes they will bring an Au Pair on holidays with them to assist with childcare duties.

Tour Guide:

Share your love of traveling with people! Your season will always vary from on-peak and off-peak. You can travel as much as you want if you have an interest in history why not? You can explore different countries and cities and you can either work for yourself or with a company.

We hope you enjoyed our post on dream jobs for those who love to travel… 


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