Discovering strengths about yourself

Strengths are the key to a personal success. Some people may not know of the strengths they possess and don’t realise their ability! A lot of people will not talk about their strengths because they feel uncomfortable talking themselves up. Experience will always lead to strengths being increased! We can always turn our weaknesses into strengths and improve ourselves. Here are our tips to discovering strengths about yourself!

How to identify your personal strengths:

A way to discover strengths about yourself is to get feedback from people in your life. These could be a teacher, an employer or even a family/friend! These can be honest with you and tell you what you need to hear. Using this information that has been given to you should be used to make a profile about yourself, it will help you discover strengths about yourself.

Don’t compare yourself to others:

Play up your own strengths and focus on them, not your weaknesses. There always will be people who are better than you with some things, but you are better than them in other areas. Opportunities are always around you, you will miss these if you are constantly focusing on other people and comparing yourself to them. Keep your eyes and mind open!

Use your failures to motivate you:

Many successful people have failed all around the world, they don’t allow these to get them down they use these to push themselves to work harder. Taking risks and failing isn’t a sign of a bad thing it means you are improving! When you fail you are learning from your mistakes, thus leading to improving your strengths.

Assessing your strengths:

You can use a guide when discovering strengths about yourself, there are three different types of strengths when grouped, these are knowledge-based skill, transferable skills and personal traits. These come from education, jobs and unique personal traits. Examples of knowledge-based are computers and languages, transferable are communication and problem solving and personal are dependable and hardworking.


Changing weaknesses into strengths can take time so don’t be disheartened when you cannot make immediate resolutions. You shouldn’t focus all your time on improving weaknesses. You should be able to spend the same time on strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths are what are more natural to you, so they are easier to improve.

When in a job interview you will be questioned on your strengths and what they are. This isn’t to make you sound confident but to convince the employer that you are the person for the job. Strengths help you complete work, they help you achieve goals and also are a part of a person’s character so they show their personality.

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