5 differences between Spain and Germany

Spain and Germany are partners in the EU, and have been partners for ages, exchanging thousands of students every year. There can not be many differences, right? Oohh no, Ma’am! There are. Here are 5 differences that I noticed.



1. Eating hours

At 7:00 there is breakfast, at 12:00 Lunch and at 18:00 dinner. Good night. Not in Spain. While we are already brushing our teeth and getting ready for bed, it is being served in Spain. The restaurants are full and there is loud laughter everywhere.


2. Character and temperament

While we Germans are reserved, shaking hands and rather quiet in the restaurant, so as not to disturb other people, there are “dos besitos”, “abrazos” and “es un poco más ruidoso” in Spain. Laughter and cheering all around the place. What sounds like a quarrel is probably just a loud declaration of love.


3. Terrace culture

Due to the very hot summers, many Spaniards spend most of their time outside; especially after work. You meet with friends immediately after leaving the office, drink “unas cervezas” and have “tapas”. You just sit at home when you’re sick or in the very short winter.


4. Air condition

“Aire acondicionado”. All over. At the subway platform it is still 40º and once you have crossed the gap between platform and train, it is feeling like 15º. You have to get used to it, especially we “Northern Europeans”. If you think the air conditioning on the plane was terrible, you have never been in Carrefour Express on a hot July day.


5. Drugstores/Drogerien

Rossmann, dm, Müller … they are known and they can be found in every little town. Drugstores. What is the most normal thing in the world for us is not common in Spain. Although there are “drogerias” (rather perfumeries) and you can find enough drugstore items in the Mercadona, Carrefour or Consum, but finding something special in a large selection is rather difficult. So pack enough of your favorite shampoo and favorite cream. It is very unlikely to find them here on the fly.


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