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Cheap presents for christmas

December has arrived, and we start to smell the mistletoe, see beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere, the streets are full of people, the shops are busy and there’s lots of enthusiasm in the air. Everyone is busy preparing for Christmas day and Christmas Eve. It sure is a special time of year full of parties, good times, family and friends. Now, comes the most difficult part of Christmas, the presents. We like to receive them, but it isn’t easy to find the perfect gift for others. Take a breath; relax, we going to give you some tips of cheap presents for Christmas that everyone likes.

Photos are a lifesaver

Everybody likes to remember beautiful moments and we are lucky enough to have great camera phones etc. It’s a gift that you won’t make a mistake with 😉 There are many ways to deliver it: in a frame, several pictures hanging by a thread, a scrapbook, Polaroid’s… You just need a little imagination and a lot of affection plus there are great tools online that help you choose the perfect option.

Christmas Letter

This gift is very special and everyone should do it. It’s about writing a letter for a special person, explaining what he/she has contributed in your life during the year. Fun times experienced with this person etc. Finally, you can write that you would like to have more time with the person in the next year. It’s a gift for everybody, easy, fun and relevant. Reminding people the importance they have in your life is a dose of positive energy, and a great exercise of gratitude.

Surprise box

Another cheap presents for Christmas is buying or reusing a box and you can decorate. Inside you can put photos of moments together explaining each moment. Also, you can put objects that mean something to both of you. It will mean a lot to the person you give it to because it shows you made a special effort.

Special moments, the gift of time

Think of something that the person likes to do a lot. A good example is if the person really likes football, you can go to a football match with him/her, or another example, if the person likes movies or theater you can go to watch a play or a film in the cinema, enjoy a picnic together, go for a hike etc. Sometimes our friends and family don’t need things. Nothing is more special than spending quality time together.

Cheap presents for Christmas, which we all love

Everybody likes food. It’s a fact! So, what are you waiting for? It’s a perfect present, you only need ingredients, search the favorite meal of the person and get to cooking. As the saying goes: “A full belly is a happy heart”.

Finally, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on the present. The most important is always to make the gift with love and share it with the special person 😊

Now, you can make presents for everyone who makes you happy this year!

We wish you a wonderful Christmas,

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