Camden Town – Welcome to the craziest and cosiest part of London

There are a few spots you need to visit when in London.

Things you’ll always hear about are the Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and a lot more. But there’s another place worth a visit – Camden Town and the Camden Market.


For me as a German is resembles the “Schanze” a bit, an area in Hamburg. It’s colourful, it’s crazy, it’s unique and most of all it is fun! Even though there are a lot of tourists wandering around (where aren’t they?) you can still sense the spirit of Camden.

It’s not a surprise that many famous people made Camden their home when they were alive. (Amy Winehouse, anyone?) There are tons of talented street artists and the air is full with music. But what I loved about Camden was definitely the Market for what the area really is famous for.


The Market is divided in a few parts and here are a few I enjoyed:

Camden Lock Market: Find cool books, crafts, clothing, jewellery and nice food. Most of the stuff is handmade so that’s a perfect place to find something unique to bring home.


Camden Lock Village:
Lot of clothing and accessories but also other stuff you suddenly want to buy even though you don’t need it or don’t even know how to use it.


Camden Market:

Stables Market: Mix of permanent shops and stalls. If you’re looking for antiques and household items you’re at the right place!


As you can see there is so much stuff to see that you should definitely spend a day there to see everything without being in a hurry!

But to be honest what I loved most about Camden wasn’t all the shopping I could’ve done there. When you are at the markets you should simply take a stroll along the Regent’s Canal or just sit at the water and enjoy the sun. Watch the boats and people pass and listen to the silence.


It was so relaxing after a day in London to finally hear birds and no cameras clicking. And if you are lucky and walk a bit further you walk along the London Zoo and might see some cool animals!

To sum it up, just go to Camden Town. Especially if you really want a feeling of why people love London so much I couldn’t have found a better place.


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