How to build a basic Marketing knowledge

Whether you’re starting your marketing internship soon or you want to learn more about marketing for the future, we will give you the knowledge you need to prepare yourself to become a digital marketing pro. Here are some important terms you need to know about:


Google AdWords

By optimizing your AdWords campaign your website will be more visible for your relevant target group through their search on Google for new products. The better you are in selecting and using the right keywords the higher the quality of your traffic on your site will be.

SEO-Optimized WordPress

Marketing is no longer only about advertising, you also have to be able to have a basic knowledge of web design. It all starts with setting up a domain on WordPress, hosting a site and the back-end. To keep your site SEO-optimized is an ongoing process and should be part of your daily schedule.


SEO & Backlink

It’s crucial to optimizing a blog or website to earn more organic high-quality traffic on your site. To boost your site’s search ranking you have to explore keywords, on-page optimization and takes an extensive look at backlinking.

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Course

Facebook is number one of the most important advertising mediums used today because the Facebook Ad Manager is also connected to Facebook, Instagram, Audience Networks, Marketplace and Facebook messenger. Besides growing your likes and post engagement, you can also lead your target group to a specific website or shop with including a call-to-action button.


Email Marketing

A lot of businesses are offering an online newsletter, that site visitors or customers can subscribe to, to be up-to-date about the new product information or blog posts being uploaded. It’s very important to build your brand and engage with audiences online by doing so. To run an email marketing campaign successfully you should learn how to build your email lists and how to perform A/B split test.

Retargeting & Remarketing

Retargeting is a very effective marketing strategy because it targets people who have recently demonstrated interest in your products or brand. It works by diving deeper into content marketing, AdWords and targeted display ads and leading your target group to the purchase of your products. A very helpful feature at this point is Facebook Pixel.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most productive online business models out there is Affiliate Marketing. You need to know how to find a domain, set up a website and use social media to increase your exposure, traffic, and ultimately sales and earn commission fast. Even though your target group is not on your website they will still see your products as an Amazon FBA or an affiliate.


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