Budapest – one of Europe’s must-sees

There is a bunch of reasons why you will love Budapest and with our insider tips you’ll kickstart your adventure in this vibrant city life.


Budapest is the capital and definitely the most populous city of Hungary. It’s one of the largest cities in the European Union and famous all over the world for its beautiful Art Nouveau architecture, exciting nightlife and abundance of hot springs and spas. 


Szeretettel üdvözöljük!– Welcome to Budapest

It’s very easy to get to Budapest by plane, due to great offers provided by several low-cost airlines. The city airport it’s only sixteen kilometres south-east of the city centre.

Getting into town:

  • The Airport minibus is a popular and reasonably priced means of transport between the airport and the city.
  • Trains also commute between the airport and Nyugati Railway Station, 51 times daily on weekdays and 38 times a day on weekends and holidays. The train ticket price is about 1 – 2 Euro per person.
  • A taxi to the centre of Budapest will cost anything between 3.500 HUF and 8.000 HUF (15 – 20 Euro).

Once you arrived in the city centre you’re spoilt for choice. Budapest offers a different public transport service such as HEV buses, trolleybuses, trams, metro and above-ground suburban trains. You can use you tickets in all services, but make sure you validate it and keep hold of it – inspectors are out there! 👮



Budapest’s reputation as a food capital dates largely from the late 19th. Hungarian food is not all goulash and spicy paprika meals, just as not everything that’s Italian is pizza, and not everything that is Indian is curry…
It has an unmistakable character, often rich with sour cream, butter, onions, eggs and wine. However, is not the strength of Hungarian cooking, there are a couple of characteristic vegetarian meals, such as fried cheese and fried mushrooms which are widely popular. You don’t like it? No worries – these days every type of cuisine is available in Budapest, so there is a great selection of Italian, French, Chinese and even Mongolian shops in the city. For your daily needs there are several supermarkets like ALDI and TESCO as well.

Tip: Even if Hungary is part of the EU it has it’s own currency, the Hungarian Forint (HUF). There are a number of places, which accept Euros too, but the exchange rate merchants tend to use is significantly lower than what one can get at a normal exchange office or a bank.



Since you are sated now, it’s time to get to know the city life. Budapest offers dozens of culture and art addresses that want to be discovered, such as the Castle District, the richest part in historical attractions.
On weekends or even on most weekdays, people love going out in Budapest. Most clubs, pubs and discos are open until very late or even the next morning. Even if you are more into atmospheric jazz bars, outdoor music lounges or palatial dance clubs, its exciting nightlife always has something in store for you!

Last but not least – The city is blessed with an abundance of hot springs. The choice of bathhouses is generous, and it’s part of the Budapest’s lifestyle to go there and have some fun and relaxation. Definitely a different, but cool way to get in touch with new people and make some friends, isn’t it?


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