Blarney Stone legend: Kiss It and You Will Never Be Afraid of Heights

What will you be willing to do for getting the gift of eloquence, the Greek gods present, the secrets of rhetoric, the manipulation power, the strength of the word…! Ups, I got too excited. Now, please, imagine. No more fear of job interviews, no more fear of public speaking…! The price? A few muscle cramps, a small confrontation with gravity and the risk of waking up with a cold sore next morning. Not a big deal. This is the Blarney Stone legend!

It´s the Blarney Stone, a legendary rock situated on the top of Blarney Castle. Legend has it that the brave adventurer who dares to kiss it will be able to persuade anyone with his/her words.  Analyzing my poor oral communications skills, I decided it would be worth to try.

After walking during 8 long kilometres from Cork to the castle – yes, some Spanish people and I decided to go by foot and yes, I couldn’t feel my legs next day – and being amazed by the spectacular landscape, we arrived at Blarney. (¡!)


To our surprise, the place turned out to be huge, full of amazing gardens and magical landscapes. Our first stop was the castle, an ancient medieval fortress that looks like something out of Game of Thrones. After a few minutes walking around and taking some pictures, we started to climb steps. Each step got smaller and steeper. At that moment, I looked through one of the windows and , oh God, I remembered how afraid I’m of heights. My poor legs started to shake a bit.

At the end, after a few more steps, we reached the castle top. And what amazing views!! I was so happy! Already touching nirvana, until I saw it. The Blarney Stone Legend. God damn, was I really going to do it? Without knowing how, I ended up being caught in the queue to kiss the rock.

I wasn’t mentally prepared for that moment. When I saw people being held by the ankles and lowered head first over the battlement, I thought: “Gift of eloquence? Who needs it? (hysterical laughter)”. In spite of everything… I did it. Carpe diem, right? Actually, it was terrible experience. I almost had a heart attack and I lost my eyes because of closing them so hard. Here are some graphical proofs for skeptical among you. ( I had a bit of help hehe)

Blarney Stone
 And just like this, I spend my first weekend in Ireland. A bit intense, wasn’t it? But it was worthwhile. The fatigue, the small heart attack… Ah! And I woke up with no cold sore next day!

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Blarney Stone legend!


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