5 benefits of speaking multiple languages to your career

Globalization. Internationalization. In this global economy, speaking a second or third language is one of the most valuable skills many employers are looking for, particularly in global companies. Here are 5 benefits of speaking multiple languages to your career.

1. Stand out from other candidates

Do you want your resume to stand out from others when creating your resume? Referencing a second language is a great way. Most employers realize bilingual employees are at a premium in the marketplace. So knowing more than one language makes you an attractive candidate, especially in retail or manufacturing industries.



2. Appeal to global companies

As global companies broaden their reach across the globe and serve diverse populations, they are demanding bilingual candidates. Thus, if you want to work for a multinational company, you should start to learn a different language. Foreign language fluency will give you the chance to showcase yourself as a global employee, which is one of the greatest benefits of speaking multiple languages to your career.

3. Understand other cultures and promote yours

As you are bilingual, there will be no problem for your manager to send you on a visit to foreign partners speaking the languages. That is because you will know how to act aboard and communicate well in their context, tradition and customs. Therefore, you can contribute to sustainable relationships with the partners. Also, promoting the images of yourself being professional is another benefit of speaking multiple languages to your career.

4. Get better opportunities at work

Being able to speak different languages can differentiate you from other colleagues in the sense that you can be requested to take over some tasks that no one can do. That can be a translation of documents, handling a meeting with people speaking a different language, or going on a business trip to the countries. As a result, you are likely to have more tasks and better opportunities at work. It sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

5. Build relationships

Mastering a second or third language will enable you to relate to different cultural groups. Speaking to someone in their own language helps break language barriers and allows everyone to feel more comfortable and confident. Therefore, if you work with other people from different countries, it will be much easier for you to build up relationships with them when you speak their languages. Furthermore, this can lead to more sales, better service and stronger relationship with your colleagues that are great benefits of speaking multiple languages to your career.

So, if you are bilingual, highlight the talent on your resume and talk about it during your job interviews. If you consider learning a foreign language to raise your job opportunities, do those five benefits of speaking multiple languages sound like it’s a good investment?

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