Benefits of Remote Internships

The current situation – dealing with COVID-19 led to new ways of working. I am sure you came across remote working already. But what is it like to do remote internships? Such internships also known as remote internships are now on the rise. By attending those you are enjoying freedom, flexibility and work-life balance by launching your global career from home. Let us introduce you to more benefits of remote internships and start your remote internship today.

What are Remote internships?

At remote internships, students work remotely from a chosen location while they are frequently communicating with their supervisor and their colleagues through email, video chat or other chosen programs. Therefore, it is very important to keep the people you are working with posted on your ongoing tasks and projects.

As the main intention of an internship is gaining hands-on experience, remote internships can also compete here as they are much like the traditional internships. But how? The students do also work with a supervisor or manager on specific projects just as a regular internship. This may help the students build the skills and experiences needed to succeed in their chosen field.


You may now question the efficiency and usefulness of this kind of internships. Here are some benefits of remote internships:

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Benefits of Remote Internships

Work from anywhere and safe expenses

By comparing remote internships to traditional internships you might at the beginning come across one big advantage. You are not restricted by geographic boundaries to benefit of the experiences of an internship. All you need is a stable internet connection.
This offers you the possibility to complete internships in international companies without having huge expenses in organising the journey and the stay in another country. To sum it up, remote internships do not contain your ability to build a pathway for a future international career.


Save travel costs

One of the biggest benefits of remote internships is the amount of money you can save by doing an internship from your own home is actually pretty significant. If you are on a tight budget remote internships are the perfect solution for you. While you can still gain the benefits of an internship, travel costs and living expenses abroad will be cut.


Enjoy a flexible schedule

Furthermore, do remote internships offer much more flexibility for interns. Working times can be mostly set personally which offers you the possibility to seize other obligations like an ongoing study or a part-time or full-time job meanwhile. This allows you to apply for your internship even for a longer duration. Remote internships can also allow you to cut down the time you waste on travelling to your workplace. This lets you have a lot more time available at your hand and allow you to make the most of your spare time.

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Expand internet-related skills

In addition to that, working remotely can be a good way to improve internet-related skills.
You will be supposed to work almost exclusively on digital devices. Wherefore you will communicate through them. Consequently, you will have to work yourself through digital communication and gain knowledge of application and needed platforms. You can also improve your way of making research. Therefore a remote internship can help you gain invaluable experience.


Improve your intercultural exposure and cross-cultural competences

Remote internships are a unique opportunity for students to undertake an internship within a multilingual company. This gives you the chance to maximise your intercultural and global professional exposure as well as your language skills. However, due to globalization, a lot of companies value other languages like English, French or German. Moreover, remote internships allow you to choose a country to explore professional skills and gain cross-cultural competence. You will learn to understand, communicate, and effectively interact with people across cultures. In today’s economy, it is an essential skill.


Build up a global network and open future prospects

If you are seeking international work experience it will be crucial to gain a global network. The first step to build a global network can be done from the comfort of your own home through a remote internship. Besides, having a successful internship experience with a reference could help you when applying for jobs in the future as you are more qualified for future international positions and projects.

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Boost your level of self-discipline

Completing an internship online will allow you to develop high levels of time management and self-discipline for future work experience. Therefore you earn decisive soft-skills which really are important for most employers. As they have experienced the challenges of remote work at some point, your internship experience will stand out on a resume.


To put it in a nutshell – the benefits of remote internships can keep up with normal internships on many levels and beyond that do offer also additional capabilities to develop further. Even the fact that the personal guidance and given structures may be slightly lower during a remote internship, could help you to grow responsibility and self-reliance. As you might only communicate with your colleagues on a digital base you also learn how to structure substances, in a way, others can work with.







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