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Before finishing an Erasmus programme

An Erasmus programme is an experience that will change you for whole your life. Sure, there is a lot of planning and decisions to make before you go, that’s why is important to plan in advance plus when you have begun the programme you are busy learning, exploring and having fun! But before you finishing an Erasmus programme here are some important things not to forget to do.

Learning the local language 

It’s very important to learn a new language, sometimes Erasmus student just hang out with other Erasmus participants from their home country the easiest way to learn a language is to meet local people, listen to the local radio station or watch tv in the local language

The more you socialize and talk with new people,  the more you´ll learn unknown words, expressions…etc and in the end, you will realize that you improved a lot and become more fluent.

Discover new places

What do we love more in life right? Travelling is probably the most wonderful thing in life, to explore new places, meet new people and learn more about their culture. Doesn’t really matter for how long you will stay there, one hour, one day or a week, you always will find something interesting and new. Never stop traveling, always find the courage to discover other new places.

Local food

When you go to a new country, one of the things you must to do before finishing an Erasmus programme is to try the local food. Ask local people for restaurants with a specific food or ask for the receipt how to cook it. There is nothing more fun than trying new food so be brave and give it a try.😉

Safety first

 It’s exciting to be in a new country but you must always pay attention to your surroundings.  Never go anywhere alone at night, Pay attention to your values, don’t go anywhere with strangers you don’t know and use good sense! Educate about the safe and dangerous areas of the city. You don’t want your time abroad to be ruined by a bad experience or become another sad statistic in the media to pay attention and be mature about it.

Going out to parties

Going out partying does not mean just drinking, It’s also a way to meet new people and makes friends, to improve your language and listen to new styles of music…etc Everyone understands the word “party” in their own way, so make sure that party is appropriate to you and where you’ll feel safe. Remember: A little party never killed anybody just do it safely.  🙂 

Be happy to meet new people

Go to new places, meet new people, make friends and create relations. Don’t forget that everyone is different and with different habits, so you have to be more patient, kind and behaved. If you feel that you don’t like something or you would like to go to other places just say it, rather than being nice and polite than to get angry. To build a new relationship is not easy but it can be so worth it.

Finally, before finishing an Erasmus stop and think about the great experience you are living

And now when you have only a few steps to the finishing an Erasmus, stop for a moment and breath, look around, smile and be thankful for this chance that Erasmus gave you.

You are young and full of life, you are achieving your ambitions and life goals, nothing can stop you, just keep going for that great experience that will enrich your life.

 Life is too short to stay in one place, take the chance and go. Make unforgettable memories.  Create positive experiences that you will always remember making friends for life and find yourself.

 Go for Erasmus and you will never regret who you become after this experience.

I hope you will find my advice helpful for your new adventure and that you have an amazing Erasmus  programme

If you would like to share your Erasmus experience abroad, we would love to hear your story, simply email your story to you could win a Ryanair travel voucher!

Thank you, 



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