Au pair, a different way of learning

Living the Au pair experience is a different way to travel, learn and enjoy … all at the same time! 

Would you like to know a new country in the most realistic way possible? Improve your skills and learn about a new culture by living with a host family, making a friend of life and, at the same time, gaining new experience? Go abroad as Au Pair!


au pair family sitting on grass on the hill beautiful scenery


A good way to improve your language skills abroad is to work as an Au Pair in a host family in countries like Ireland mainly, but there is also the possibility of finding a job in the United States or Spain. In addition, it is very common to combine an Au Pair program with a language course abroad that can allow you to improve your language the first few days to be able to integrate and develop your work well. In this way, your stay in an Au Pair program will be a win-win since you will be able to improve your level with the language and your host family will enjoy your job well done.  


au pair family taking a selfie together



All this environment will be very useful for you to improve your skills at the same time that you face a test of maturity and responsibility in another country different from yours. You will experience a different lifestyle, you will experience new customs, you will taste new foods and you will adapt to different schedules.


Working as an Au Pair is one of the best ways to experience, get involved and feel part of a culture different from yours. Without a doubt, as an experience, it is very beneficial and the results are surprising. 




Do not hesitate! Working as an Au Pair will be a once in a lifetime experience! We are sure that one of our programs will adapt to your needs.


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