5 tips for what to do after your internship abroad

Remember that time you were packing your bags to move abroad for doing an internship or for attending a language course? Not knowing what is expecting you in the new country and the new job. However, you took the step and went out in the world, where you experienced new ways of living and working, fell in love with a new culture, made new friends and soon enough the unknown turned into your home.

Time will fly and sooner or later it’s time for you to return to your home country. Keep on reading our article and all your doubts about what to do after interning abroad will be put at ease!


1. Expect a reverse culture shock

It can be tough to adjust to your life after an internship abroad. You probably felt a culture shock after you landed in a foreign country and just like that you will experience what is called a reverse culture shock when you are back home. You will see things that once seemed normal to you in a different light. But don’t rush to judge and talk to your family and friends about the differences you notice.


2. Plan your return

You should always plan your return in advance. What kind of job or studies do you want to do after returning to your home country? Keep a watchful eye on the industry you want to start a job in, inform yourself what skills you should gain while abroad and apply early enough on new positions at companies you are interested in.

That way you will already have an aim in mind and a place where to start.


3. Find people with the same experience

After returning all you want to do is share your most exciting stories of your experience but you might be confronted with a disinterested attitude from your family and friends. Don’t risk becoming the annoying friend and find other people with similar international experience. Expand your circle of friends, who are interested in your stories, tips and advices.


4. Reconnect with your friends

The first thing you should do is to reconnect with your old friends because after all, they’ve been by your side for a long time before you went on your trip. They are still your friends and will happily help you to adjust to your new life. Beside that, you should maintain the connections you made during your time abroad. Today’s technology allows us to keep in touch easily as well as making new connections.


5. Travel some more!

The feeling that you will want to experience more of it is catching you soon after returning, but you can’t and shouldn’t settle just yet. There are way more places and countries to experience, new languages to learn, more culture and tradition to get to know and more skills to develop. You already know how it works to move abroad, so this time around it should be easier.


Coming back from life abroad doesn’t mean that your adventure is over! As you can see, your worth on the market has just increased and you have become a great member to add to a team but you have also become a better person. You are not stuck.



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