6 tips to become a confident English speaker

Are you still nervous of speaking English? Do you still hesitate to speak English to others although you have spent much time on learning English? Don’t worry. That might be either you haven’t done it right or you haven’t spent enough time and effort on English. Therefore, this article would give you 6 great tips to become a confident English speaker.

1. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

The most important thing you should always remember is that you’re learning, so don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Always keep in mind that no one would laugh at you, because everyone can make mistakes, even English native speakers. If you want to improve your English, firstly you need to believe in your abilities.

2. Set up your goals and never give up

Before you do anything, setting realistic and specific goals will give you motivation to keep doing it. As as you want a result, you need to set up goals for learning English such as you want improve English to get career promotions or you want to study aboard. Such those goals might motivate you and always remember why you want to become a confident English speaker.

3. Practice everyday

Practice makes perfect. It’s important to set up a schedule to learn English. It could be 20 minutes, 30 minutes or several hours, just remember that you must learn it every day.

There is a great method to learn English is that listening first and then speaking. Listening to English would show you how native speakers use the language naturally and then you can imitate it. Firstly, choose English programs you like and make sure you understand at least 60% of the content. Secondly, listening to it whenever you can such as when you’re cooking or you’re taking a shower. Finally, you should repeat the program several times, so you can understand it more carefully and you can imitate it.

From listening to English every day, you are getting familiar with how people use English. After that, you can either speak out loud of the transcript of the programs or speak to others to become a confident English speaker.

4. Enhance your vocabulary

Having a wide range of English vocabulary would definitely help you become a confident English speaker. Therefore, you must pay attention to expand your vocabulary, and reading is an excellent way for that. Read any books or articles you like but you should choose something easy first.

5. Avoid translating the language in your head

The presence of translation what you would say in your language into English when speaking English is one the biggest mistakes. This is because the translation makes you look nervous and anxious when you speak English. It would be hard but try to speak English from your mind and avoid translating. You will make some mistakes but you would speak English more naturally and confidently in this way.

6. Hang out with experienced English speakers

Try to hang out with experienced English speakers and speak to them as much as you can. You can learn how to start conversations and how to end them, watch their facial expression, and develop appreciation of rhythm of the language. Besides, you should pay attention to phrases and words which are repeated during conversations such as I would say, you know, well, and I’m not sure, really. This would definitely help your English be more natural


Those are some tips that might help you become a confident English speaker. No matter what methods you’re going to choose to improve you English, always remember that you can do it and never be afraid of making mistakes. Hope you enjoy the blog. Best of luck!!!

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