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6 tips on staying safe abroad

Moving abroad can be a great experience, you make new friends and memories for life. But sometimes negative situations can follow if you are not prepared. Ensuring that you are safe at all times is vital to the success of your trip. Try not to let carelessness ruin the best journey of your life. 



1. Take important paperwork

This might seem like common sense, but you never know how useful your passport or visa information is in the case of emergency. All of your information can be tracked and can be very handy if you are by yourself and in distress. Also, make sure to have proper traveling insurance cover. Do not take the risk and say ‘you won’t need it’. 

2. Contact Information

Always be sure to have a contact number for friends/family both at home and abroad. Learn at least two of the numbers in case your phone goes dead, you can source another. If your own number has changed, be sure to give this to your family at home so they can contact you at ease. Always know the address of your accommodation in both your own language and the native language. Save it on your phone but also in a little notebook.



3. Be aware of the laws and procedures

Before you move, make sure that you are familiar with any different procedures that you wouldn’t be used to at home. Something so small to you might be a big deal here. For example, jaywalking is a big concern in America. This is crossing the road without being told you can do so. Do not get involved in any riots, demonstrations or political activities. 

4. Being alone at night

Always make sure that you are not left walking the dark streets by yourself. If this does happen, be sure to stay away from dark non-tourist areas. Stay close to the busier areas. If at any point you feel like you are being watched or followed, walk within close proximity of another couple or group of people. Take a pit stop and walk into a hotel or shop, but do not let them follow you to your accommodation. Try not to bring attention to yourself as being a tourist, this will make you a more vulnerable target. 



5. Keeping your money safe

When you are traveling, never keep all of your money in the one place. What will happen if your bag goes missing with all of your money in it? Divide your money so you will have back up in case of an emergency. Be sure to use the safes that are usually available to you in accommodations. Never leave your money lying around, especially when you are gone for the day. Make sure to lock all doors and windows. 

6. Getting About

If you are unsure about something, don’t doubt yourself. Trust your gut. Public Transport can be a difficult one to judge when you are abroad. If you are using public transport, always make sure to know the stop you are getting off at and where to go next. Research the locations of the various bus/train stops. If using a taxi, make sure that it is one that has been registered with the area and not a private cab. 


Always be aware of your surroundings.  If it doesn’t feel safe, don’t do it. 

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