5 Tips for travelling abroad for the first time

Have you ever desired to go to a country outside your home country? Dreamed of exploring Spain or Poland or anywhere where you have the possibility to get to know a new culture? If you haven’t been to another country yet, this may be your chance to take that leap and travel abroad for the first time. Don’t wait for it! Being prepared ahead of time for your first time flying internationally alone is the best thing you can do. With these easy tips, you will be more ease when you’re getting on your first adventure overseas:


Visa and passport

You should have your visa and passport sorted in advance of your departure. Don’t try to apply or renew your passport last minute. It can take a lot of time for being delivered. Especially before booking flights and accommodation make sure your passport has been handled well because for booking international a passport number is usually required.

Sometimes hotels hold onto your passport when you check into your room to make sure you have paid for your stay, and also to help prevent it from getting stolen. That is just one reason why you should scan the identification page and keep copies of it with you.

For some countries, you may require a visa, depending on how long you are staying and what country you are travelling to. A visa is a document that gives you permission to travel to the country where the visa was issued by.

Travelling abroad


Do your research

You should do plenty of research while you create your plans for your first travel abroad. Find out what the country is like by checking online and also try to talk to friends that have also been to the particular country that you are planning to go to. Another option is accessing message boards or social media groups and chatting with others who are already experienced.

Important things to find out are, if you should exchange any currencies ahead of travelling, what are local norms and traditions and also learn some basic language spoken there. You should also check if you need to set up travel alerts as you use your own bank cards, to prevent your bank from shutting off your access.travelling abroad


Avoid overpacking

The key to travelling much more easily is packing light abroad. You will be able to take your luggage up a flight of stairs more easily. Try to determine the number of days you are planning to stay and adjust accordingly. Don’t forget that doing your laundry abroad is a cheap and easy option, so there is no need to pack a different outfit for every day. Besides that check out the weather forecast in advance to avoid bringing clothing you won’t be able to wear.

A lifesaver for your travel will be a power bank and the right kind of power adapter. Imagine not being able to charge your phone and going through the hassle of finding one abroad!travelling abroad


Travel insurance

One thing that can become very expensive is receiving medical help overseas. Especially because anything can happen as you travel so it’s more than essential to know how you will cover your medical expenses. To be prepared for such an incident getting a travel insurance is a possible solution. It covers the costs of your medical treatment as well as emergency medical transportation costs. It also covers the costs of getting you home if your injury is beyond help in your destination.

But there are many more costs that travel insurance will cover, like lost baggage, financial losses, and cancelled or delayed flights.  travelling abroad

Deal with a jet lag

So now you already started your travel but for having a fulfilling trip abroad there is one more thing to know about: How to fight a jet lag. The best way to deal with it is getting rest before your trip. You should also drink a lot of water during your flight. On the day you arrive, you should take it easy but don’t take a nap. Otherwise, you might cause burnout or a crash in energy.

travelling abroad


With so many things to take into consideration, you will find yourself afterwards more confident and experienced to travel from one country to another. Our programs can provide you with a lot of comfort for your first travel abroad. Find out more here.


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