5 things, you probably didn’t know about paella
You think, you know paella, right?! It’s that dish, you can buy frozen in the supermarket with seafood and rice for a couple of Euros. It is definetly not! Here are 5 things you probalby didn’t know about paella.

1. The real paella is NOT with seafood

Paella Valenciana, the real, authentic Valencian paella, has rabbit, chicken and peas in it. No seafood at all, neither chorizo or sweet corn.

However, you can sorder a paella de marisco (seafood paella), arroz al horno and other types of rice dishes, but the original recipe is with rabbit and chicken meat. Delicious! 😋


2. The real Paella is cooked over an open fire

And traditionally you use the wood of an orange tree to give it the characteristic flavour of the traditional paella.


3. Paella is also the name of the plate in which it is cooked

Therefore, if you see a “paella” out of the oven, it is not a paella Valenciana.

4. Paella is NOT the national dish of Spain

Spain is huge and very diverse, and although you problably get a Paella in the whole country, it is not the national dish. It is typically from the Valencian community. 


5. There is a version called Arroz del Senyoret

And that is, what we call Seafood Paella in North Europe. It is served with seafood and fish. By the way… “Senyoret” is the Valencian word for “young gentleman”.

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