5 things to pack in your suitcase for Spain!

It is time to fly away, to visit other countries, to start your adventure. Luck, destiny or yourself (call it as you want) decided to bring you to Spain! After taking the most important decision, we are going to help you with the second one. Packing! Here are 5 things to pack in your suitcase for Spain.

1. Sun cream and sunglasses

One of the greatest things of Spain is the sun. In some cities, there are more than 200 sunny days per year (and it is real sun, not like the one in northern European countries). Spanish people are used to it, but for foreign people, it can be a bit dangerous. Use sun cream whenever you go out and try to avoid sunbathing at midday in summer if you don’t want to end up like a prawn!

2. Basic travel kit

Clothes, shoes, passport, adaptors and mobile phone. These are the most basic things to bring to your trip. Besides, it is always useful to carry a simple first aid kit packed with different dressings and equipment in case you feel bad or have a small accident. Finally, remember to always carry the European Health Card, as it can be very useful if something more serious happens to you.

3. An open mind

Every time you leave your home country, there is a bit of cultural shock. As every other country, Spain has its own traditions: siesta, having lunch at 14:30 or dinner at 21:00, going out for a glass of wine with friends… If you keep your mind open, you will get used to this different customs and, after a while, you will feel like a local! One piece of advise: don’t sleep siesta longer than 40 minutes, otherwise you will wake up as a zombie. Keep readind our 5 things to pack in your suitcase for Spain.

4. A good stomach

One of the greatest and most famous things of Spain is the typical food. We all know paella, jamón serrano and tortilla de patatas (only the good ones are made in Spain). However, in every city, in every town there are other typical dishes that will make your mouth water. Try every (local) food you can! 

Tip: in a lot of bars, when you order a drink, they serve you a free tapa! 

5. Don’t pack anything else!

Even if it sounds contradictory, believe me, you will regret packing too many things. Spain in general is not very expensive. In touristic places like Madrid or Barcelona, prices could be a bit higher, but in general, they are lower than in most of the European countries. Before leaving, you will buy a lot of souvenirs for you family and friends. If you pack too much, you would need to buy another suitcase to take everything back home! 

I hope this post helps you during the difficult process of packing. Good luck and see you in Spain!

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