5 things to pack in your suitcase for Ireland!

It’s time to start a new trip to an unknown country called Ireland. You are about to leave and you have to prepare your suitcase and of course, you don’t want to forget anything important for this great adventure. Here are 5 things to pack in your suitcase for Ireland!


In Ireland, there is a saying: There is no bad weather, only inadequate clothing. Therefore, it is important to plan what to pack in your suitcase. You can’t escape from the rain, no matter what season-plus, the rain never comes alone; it is usually accompanied by wind. In a nutshell, to protect yourself from the rain don’t forget to have a good raincoat, an umbrella and several sweaters because it gets cold very easily!


Ireland, like some other countries, uses another plug model: type G different from the other European model’s: type C and F. That’s why is a must to buy a pair of adapters before you go so you can connect any electronic devices without a problem. Definitely, this is one the most important things to pack in your suitcase.


It is always useful for you to carry a simple first aid kit packed with a variety of dressings and equipment to deal with the absolute basics in case you feel bad or have a small accident. In case you take any temporary medication, you should go to your hospital and ask for the prescription so you won’t run out once you are away.  Finally, remember to always carry the European Health Card (TSE), as it can be very useful if something more serious happens to you.


As we have said before, the weather can change in a matter of seconds, but Ireland is too beautiful to stay inside! So don’t let the rain be a barrier to go out and get to know new places. That’s why I recommend wearing appropriate shoes, comfortable, lightweight and waterproof.  So get out and explore 😊


If you are a person who likes to write or write about what you are living, from your favourite places to your thoughts, or even the best experiences, this is a must. Keeping a diary of your trip will help you to always remember everything you lived in this great adventure. Plus you can always make a “places to go list” with places you want to visit so you won’t forget any by checking them off the list! Finally, don’t forget to make a photo journal of the amazing places you will see😊

I hope this will help you to have a great trip to this wonderful place. Don’t forget this 5 things to pack in your suitcase. 




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