5 Skills for Success at Work

Every technological revolution brings new changes to production processes that affect how and who works. We’re immersed in a world where computers and robots do more and more work. That may be a little scary. But it has happened many times throughout history, and it will happen again, and there will still be work to do as long as we have the necessary skills for success at work.

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This article gives you a few keys to grow, without running the risk of being professionally sidelined or sent down dead ends.


Leadership skills

Undertake a project to be your own boss, in your current position, hobby. Facing new challenges to make decisions brings real consequences and demonstrates your leadership capacity. Here we can give you another tip: don’t do everything alone, it’s important to know what to prioritize and what to delegate.

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Interpersonal skills

To know how to deal with people is essential, not just in a working environment, in every life circumstance. To be a good face to face communicator is a must, as is knowing how to speak in public, to cooperate, to have empathy with your coworkers and to be able to work in a team.



To be able to detect problems is vital, but more important is not to focus on just that. Try to find a solution! This will contribute greatly to your work and professional development: short, medium and long term. This is what all projects and companies need.


Time management

Especially if there’s someone that depends on your work, it is imperative that you be punctual and manage the work time correctly. It is a way to show responsibility, that you are someone trustworthy and that you will have your work done on time.



Think outside the box. Do not limit yourself or stay in common places. Do not let the things people may say, or any “futureless” idea to stop you. We all have creativity inside us, we just need to let it out. Brainstorming might be an amazing way to do teamwork and improve creativity.



There are no easy things to earn from the beginning, they need to be worked every day. Do not despair. Look to the past from time to time and see what you’ve improved. Maybe you have some of these skills to success at work naturally, if you have, take advantage of it. But remember to keep working on it. And emphasize the others.

From Partnership International we encourage you to strive to acquire and improve these skills, because, without doubt, they will strengthen your work life.


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