Studying Abroad? Here’s 5 Packing Tips

Packing before an adventure is always a tricky, you’ll ask yourself important questions such as: Are travel shampoos really necessary? Do I need 5 books to read on the plane? How will I pack my straw hat without it flattening into a dinner mat?

So whether you are going abroad for a week-long language course, a 3 month internship or a 6-12 month Au Pair programme, we are here to help with five tips for packing light!
1. Suitable hand luggage

With certain airlines these days being a little more lenient with what you can take as hand luggage, (e.g. Ryanair) check out the size of the bag you are allowed with you on board before packing. Once you’ve done your research, invest in a bag with the correct dimensions. This might save you some money as you wont have to add anymore extra bags into the hold luggage!

2. Use shoes as storage and roll up clothes

This may seem like a given, but there’s a lot of vital packing space in shoes! Stuff them with socks, underwear or gadgets and free up space for larger items. When packing your clothes, always roll them up, some say this makes no difference, but it will reduce the amount of creases and it will help you to quickly find specific clothes when unpacking in your destination.

3. Pre-plan outfits

For a 6 month trip this might be a little tricky, but it is still doable! Always work out beforehand if you are packing clothes that will go together. If you have a shirt you love, but no trousers to go with it, don’t pack it!
4. Buy stuff there

We all fall into this trap sometimes, you pack more than you need because you fear your destination will not have the products you love. But when it comes to essentials, there’s no point wasting money on tiny travel shampoos/conditioners when you can just buy big ones there for half the price!

5. Don’t take things you don’t need

Another trap we are all guilty of falling into! A simple rule to abide by is, if you don’t use the item regularly at home, then there’s no need to pack it. Travel irons, bulky books and huge towels are not needed. First lay out everything you want to take, then cut it down to everything you need to take.
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