5 common mistakes to avoid in your first job

Starting your first job is an exciting moment, as it marks the beginning of your professional life. You would be very excited and look forward to starting the job. However, it’s important to be aware of the challenges you could face and to avoid the mistakes which can come along with it. Here are five common mistakes to avoid in your first job.

1. Show up late

One of the common mistakes to avoid in your first job is showing up late. Punctuality is vital, as it shows that you are disciplined and serious with your job. Besides, you definitely don’t want tardiness to become your reputation within the company. So, try to arrive at the workplace on time or several minutes earlier. If you cannot plan traffic, unforeseen conditions, you should always leave home early.

2. Dress too casual

Since clothes are personal, managing casual days at work is not easy. No one wants to tell you that you’re dressed inappropriately for work. However, if you dress too casual, your colleagues could judge you. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the dress code at work. Double-check with the human resource department about the company dress code and then follow it. Even the rules are relaxed at work, you still need to manage your brand and pay attention to the firm’s culture and values.


3. Hesitate to ask

Because you’re new to the environment, you tend to be shy to ask questions and to make assumptions. You know what happens when you assume, so being afraid of asking questions is one of the common mistakes to avoid at your first job. As it’s your first job, you are more to learn and your boss doesn’t expect you to know everything. You should be active to ask question when you are not sure about your duties or tasks.  As a result, you will eliminate unnecessary mistakes and help you form a rapport with other employees. Furthermore, questions help you understanding more the company and how people get tasks done.

4. Spend too much time on your phone

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Snapchat. You check your phone all the time. You might think it’s not a big deal but in fact, social media distractions reduce work productivity and waste time. Whenever you stop a second to check your phone and get back to work, you need more time to concentrate. Therefore, put your phone away from you at work or set it silent in order to reduce the distractions and focus on your work.

5. Avoid work social activities

Had a work event coming up? You’re not a butterfly and trying to make excuse to not come- common mistakes to avoid in your first job.  The truth is, building relationships with your colleagues is as important as doing your tasks well. Therefore, these workplace events are a perfect time for you to get to know and to befriend with your co-workers. Having a good relationship with other employees will make you comfortable at work and work together more effectively.

Landing your first time is great excitement and the first few weeks and months on the career can really set you up for success at the firm. So, it’s essentially important for you to recognize common mistakes to avoid in your first job to have the best experience.

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