10 Tips for living in London
If you found a job, doing an internship in London or you’re going on Erasmus at a London University, this post is for you. We’re going to tell you 10 tips that are going to be useful for your stay because they will let you enjoy the city and forget about the worries that all beginners have. Here are 10 Tips for living in London:
1) Find your ideal accommodation: The best idea is to choose to live somewhere reasonably close to your work. If you have a 2 hour tube journey everyday, it will get on your nerves after the first day and you won’t enjoy your experience in this capital city.
If you are unable to find the best option for you, make use of the online accommodation searchers  like RightMove and Zoopla.
The tip is: Imagine that you’re going to live there and balance transport costs with rental ones.
2) Be polite: You need to learn the manners that they will expect of you. British people are very conscientious of ‘turn-taking’ and even in a busy bar they will consider it very rude to “jump a queue”. Practise the proper tube behaviour, on the escalators, stand on the right and walk on the left. If you don’t want to produce a tube traffic jam, walk on the escalator if it’s full of people.
3) Explore the city and meet up new people: London is a gigantic city with a lot to do and a lot of history and culture. Once you have arrived, make sure you get to know where to eat, to buy, the best entertainment and where the nearest post office and banks are. London can make you feel lonely if you don’t meet up with new people so don’t be an alien and socialise. How? It’s easy! You will find a lot of groups of people in Facebook who live in London and are in the same situation as you.
4) Enjoy and go out if the Sun appears: A day of sun is a day of fun! Blue sky and warm temperatures have a way of making people, especially Londoners, happy. So enjoy the good weather and don’t stay on Skype at home. There are a lot of parks and green squares where you can let your hair down or even have a date! This is one of the best tips for living in London.
5) Get some culture and get out whenever and wherever you can: If you live in London, you have to feel like a Londoner and that means that you should visit everything as much as you can. Not only in London but also around Europe because with 4 airports London let you go to everywhere easily.
6) Get a UK mobile phone: The UK has an excellent mobile phone network operated by four big companies (EE, O2-UK, Vodafone UK and Three). Each offer a large variety of contracts with handsets, SIM-only contracts or Pay As You Go SIMs. Not only is your mobile going to be vital for keeping in touch with friends, family and colleagues, you are also likely to benefit from internet access.
7) Exchange languages: 96% of the total population speak English and most of them want to learn Spanish, Italian, French or German so if you’re native, exchange your own language for English and meet up with new Londoners.  Tips for living in London, keep going!
8) Use Public Transport: For travelling within London, whether by bicycle, bus, train or underground train (the Tube) your indispensable guide is the Transport for London website, where you can also find out about the Oyster Card (which will save you money on transport). As of 2014, you can no longer pay by cash on London buses!
9) Tip: Tipping at restaurants, hairdressers and for services such as porterage and taxi rides is a common practice but only if a ‘service charge’ is not included. A tip of 10-15 per cent is normal, with 75p to a pound reasonable per bag for porterage.
10) Create a bank account: Last of the tips for living in London! All banks will ask you for your passport and for some household bills but HSBC has its own traveller friendly bank account which name is the Passport Account. The passport account is totally aimed at travellers and can be opened once you’ve landed in London or even before you go, online. The account is a 12 month long account. it will cost you 6 pounds a month to have and you will get a debit card to access your funds. That’s it. basic account, basic access. after 12 months HSBC will upgrade you to a better account that has better fees and better access.
We hope that, after our post, you’re ready to live in London but if you still don’t have a job there, and you want to do the best internship for your professional life, book one of our internship programmes in London and start your own Londoner experience.  We also offer English language courses in London.
Did you like our 10 Tips for living in London? Give your opinion and keep reading more tips 😉 See you soon!


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