The best time to travel to Spain ✈️☀️

When is the best time to travel to Spain?

Are you thinking about visiting Spain? Here we tell you the best time to travel to Spain, although it always depends on the destination.

Summer is the hottest season in Spain and also the driest season. If you want to enjoy a tourism oriented to enjoy the beach, heat and sun we recommend you visit Spain in the months of June, July and August. It is the high season in the areas of the coast since its beaches and tourist attractions make that there is a great influx in these months. The average temperature is 30 degrees. But it all depends on the area you want to visit.



If you want to travel to Madrid for some days and make the most of the stay we recommend you do mainly in two periods, those included in the months of September and October or in April and May. In these seasons they enjoy a warm climate and very welcoming. The summer in Madrid is not recommended, as it is too hot and almost everyone takes advantage to leave at this time to other coastal areas to spend the heat.



Barcelona has a cool winter and a very pleasant climate in autumn and springs while the summer is very hot although you can live enjoying a day at the beach. For this reason, summer becomes a very interesting option if you like the beach and Barcelona also has a wide range of cultural and entertainment during this time.



The weather in the Basque Country is always quite regular, but keep in mind that the probability of rain is quite high. Even so, the best time is summer, you can enjoy sea and mountains, water sports, surfing…


The perfect weather all year round. You can visit this area all year round and it has a very special, tropical and warm climate all year round.



Andalucia is a destination which you can visit all year round and it has the most benevolent climate in all of Spain and the temperatures are not too extreme in winter. However, in summer the temperatures can become very hot especially in the capital, Seville.


In short the best time to travel to Spain is all year, depending on your interests you can choose the summer for the beach and fall the spring to enjoy the rest of the country. In winter is a good time for the part of Spain that is drier and warmer than the north.

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